table for one, please.  

I’ve been in High School for about a month now. I’ve come to realize, that I, more than ever, am on my own. The people who have been such a major part of my life, are rarely there, not by choice. I wish I was there during the big moments, but I can’t. 

As this progresses, I’ve come to notice that all I need…is me. I wake up at 5 AM by myself. I do my makeup & I get dressed by myself. I eat by myself. These are things I’ve never really stated, it’s just obvious. I walk into school alone. I’m alone. 

 I’m a positive person, I will never have a frown on my face, quite the opposite actually. It wasn’t until I acknowledged what I do, that I found out something most people won’t figure out their entire lives. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. I sleep by myself! I beat my face & mix match my clothes, by myself! I can totally eat alone! I make myself happy! 

Sometimes, I find myself surrounded by a majority of people but I am still uninspired or uninterested. Other times, I will find myself and just one other person having more fun than if I was with 100 more people. I call them my close friends.

In the past, i found myself feeling “lonely” simply because I was alone. Now, i love every chance I get to be with myself. I have this freedom and adoration for me that no one else can really take. I don’t have much time for what I used to do : to busy evolving. Is receiving attention a good thing? Sure! Will I ever beg for it? No! 

In the future, I will live like I have always, alone, with myself. I feel as though older me will be more exciting since I will have more freedom and opportunities to cease. I am satisfied. That’s all I need for now. 
That’s all for today, 

L8r dudes.


Author: Angie

Joker with a tan face

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