Bone App the Teeth 

cooking tips from someone who can’t tell the difference between rice and beans.

#1: something I’ve had to go through 3 times – THE MOST IMPORTANT. when making ramen noodles, DO NOT forget to add water. your microwave CAN explode and your house will stink.

#2: mix milk and powder sugar. You’re welcome. You just made the frosting otherwise known as “glaze” .

#3: WASH YOUR FRUIT. my siblings still struggle with this I don’t know how. How do you do that? 

#4: Just because the “due date” has passed doesn’t mean that it’s time to throw it out! That’s kinda like wasting food. Most of the time, that date is just the time they need to leave the store/ restock, or it’s just freshest during that time. 

#5: My mom made soup the other day and she made rice with some little shreds of onions to give it some flavor. I have a thing to not eat soup during sunny days, somehow, I took the onions out and made rice pudding for the first time. Sure, I added enough sugar to have heart problems but I was super proud. My parents were too until they found out I used already cooked rice. 😡 

#6: Eating leftovers are 100% okay! I don’t like eating leftovers unless they’re Chinese food. I find leftovers weird, sorry American culture. Ironically my sister, loves saving her food. We once went out of burgers three years ago and she didn’t eat the entire meal, she left it in the fridge for like 3 days. How, I don’t know.

#7: CEREAL BEFORE MILK. Don’t waste milk! By putting cereal in the bowl or cup (i sometimes eat cereal in the cup) first, you get an idea of how much milk you need! 

#8: not a tip, just a reminder. STAY HYDRATED: HOMIES, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. DRINK WATER. I find drinking water a pleasure since I dislike coffee (blah!) and tea! HOLY cow, water changes everything. You will always see me with a water bottle in my bag. I drink about 10 bottles a day and that’s just in the fall. Also, you can cash in your cans & bottles for 5 cents! You probably know all the benefits So I’ll move on. 

That’s all I have for now, because I simply can’t cook! Here’s the dish, bone app the teeth! 

L8r Dudes! 

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Author: Angie

Joker with a tan face

2 thoughts on “Bone App the Teeth ”

  1. LOL, when I was first introduced to ramen noodles by a friend we were making ramen and she, put it in the microwave. After idk, maybe a minute or two she took it out and it was burned black! Yeah…don’t forget the water. I always wash my fruit before eating it. If I don’t I just think it’s disgusting. You don’t know who touched it, what kind of bugs have been on it, just… (shivers in disgust). Wow, really, after that expiration date hits I ain’t drinking of eating that thing again. I have this thing about food being there for a while and after that, I won’t touch it again. One time I was eating cereal and it just tasted so weird…I didn’t even finish it, I just through it out. After that, I wanted to make hot chocolate so I was going to warm the milk. After I took it out of the microwave it was all clumpy and nasty…so basically I drank spoilt milk. I always put in the cereal before the milk. I just think it’s weird to put in the milk before the cereal because it’s like kind not know how much to put. Then you end up adding too much milk. Anyway I’ve ranted enough, this post was relatable! Keep up the good work. 🙂


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