my college application

me trying to find positivity in a world full of insecurity.


Background : Hello Ivy League schools, my name is Angie. My freshman GPA was a 1.8 at some point, and my rank is 291/out of a little over 300. To be honest, well, to be obvious, I screwed myself over – and I don’t know what to do.

The truth is, Columbia or whoever is reading this – I don’t know what I want to do. I can’t be like my friends who already take looks into NYU and that sucks. It sucks to know that because I spent last year in such an emotionally crumbling relationship that I threw my ivy league chances out the window. It’s funny how the world works. There isn’t much you know about me, but one thing is destined for me : I have a gut feeling that I will be something great into this world. I don’t think I’m a strong candidate, I’m sorry. However, I see myself as something you need – an asset.

I think I’m smart. I always have been a little more than the average intelligence. I took Academically Talented all throughout elementary + aced classes during middle schools. I am quick witted, I think I’m funny, much more prominent in my ability of communications and writing, although writing how I feel like a failure makes me feel sad.

I really don’t know what else to say. I do Field Hockey, drives are my favorite move, it makes me feel powerful. I drove a ball into my wooden backyard fence and now there is a hole into the neighbors house. I play lacrosse, I plan on making varsity probably next year. I do recreational soccer in the Spring, that makes me happy. I love soccer – that sport is the love of my life. An embarrassing confession, I once dreamed someone gave me world cup tickets and I woke up crying of happiness. Perhaps I’d make Varsity Capt. for any of these. Oh! Let’s not forget indoor track. I love running, I am very competitive, I’m trying to lower my mile time to a good 6:00 from a 7:39.

I’m in this club called CYL, it’s an activism non-profit organization in my school. I love it. I get starstruck every time I do something with them. I’m going to go for Executive Member this year, I think I have a good shot. Did I mention I’m in a program at school – called the CGS – it accepts 100 kids across county annually to learn 3 foreign languages, apparently, we’re smarter than the average. I take Japanese, I love it. I made many friends, although that was bound to happen. I like my CGS friends, my McMahon friends as well but let’s be honest…CGS kids are the badass ones. I hope to become an ambassador next year, mentoring the freshmen, it’s sweet.

Next year I plan on taking a few, most likely 4 IB courses.

I am Honduran-American, First generation citizen, first to make a university…that is, if I get in. I don’t make money by the way. My parents combined make around $30,000 yearly so let’s hope you like me enough.

I think I’m a good person, unfortunately that will never be enough would it now?

angie : after dark

i have an idea, we can wing it.


11:17 PM

I have an idea. Well, had. If you know me personally, you know that well – I am humorous. That is something I take a lot of pride on, my social skills and the way I get along with others.
Although sometimes, I feel like I am just used for that ability. Sometimes I feel like the truth it : I am simply not good enough. I will never be smart enough, pretty enough, kind enough. I can’t be anything “enough” to succeed other than my athletics. I don’t want to be known as the girl who can tackle really well on cue but can’t do shit on her report card. Worse, I don’t want to be simply known as a girl who got everything she wanted because she is charismatic.

Being a comedian, intrigues me. I think I’d do better as a screen writer since I love to write although I improvise everything I do (Graphic organizers are my NEMESIS.) We all know, the entertainment business is cruel. Sooner or later I’d have to single handedly expose a sexual predator at an award show, it’s a hassle.

However : here is my concept : I want to make a podcast.

Let me know if this is something you’d like from me! I think it’d be cool. I wanted to create an online diary of sorts, not like a blog – but I want/I want you to see more of myself than “Indoor track is hard. I hate soup. Science sucks. Waaaaa!” because that’s it, there is a lot to me, and the way I get myself into situations, there will be a lot more.

Yes, you guessed it. The podcast name would be Angie : After Dark.

Yes, I’ve had this idea since last year, and people have already said they’d listen the shit out of my podcast.

Have a nice holiday,


my clit vs my dumbass

sometimes i forget my old english teacher is one of my readers

I said I was going to post more often, which was BULL.

Thanksgiving week is here which means I have more time to write, Stay tuned for :

  • My piece on my dysfunctional family Thanksgiving
  • My grandma coming – probably a poem BECAUSE I’M CORNY.
  • my thoughts and stuff on things that cross my mind