bruh just believe a bruh

yes, this stuff happens to me on the daily occasion . no, I can’t make this stuff up




I’m morbidly exhausted, and stressed. For the most part, I’ve survived Freshman year, it only costed me a few limbs. I’m going to dedicate this to me. This is a tribute to all the embarrassing things that have happened to me at school, the ones I can think of in half an hour.

  1. I have this group project due with a few classmates, let’s just say that as a group, we suck. I fleshed out my anger by writing it out, on an assignment, which I didn’t turn in. Turns out, the teacher had access to the document the whole time! I WAS VERMILLION RED. He found it, I was wonderfully exposed and now I can’t look at him in the eye. To make matters worse, I found this twitter called KanyeFeel and the first tweet, “What you say about me says more about you.” Ouch.


2. I was skipping a class, ONCE ONE TIME PEOPLE, and me being a goody two shoes ended up sulking in the bathroom for 90 minutes. It sucked but Big Sean dropped his album the same day so it made my afternoon enjoyable. Also, I felt guilty. My sister asked me “Angie, have you ever skipped a class?” My first reaction? “Who called?” only for her to confess that she has skipped LIKE A LOT. SHES LIKE 3. HAHAHHA.

3. ¬†One time, Angiesunbeams liked a guy. So much so, that she did the splits for him. HSSGHGAGHA that sounds weird. Anyways, she thought she was flexible, turns out the pants weren’t! In conclusion, her 4th grade class weren’t allowed to watch Fantastic Mr.Fox. Plot twist : After 5 years, the same dude, ended up getting accepted into my high school program. Can’t even look at him.


4. Another time, same year, same school, she decided to go for flexible round2, and that’s where Angiesunbeams realized that she was afraid of heights. Yup. She didn’t get off the jungle gym until after school. And I mean, after school. The teacher who got me down should have gotten paid for extra hours.

5. I totally copied my 6th grade Michael Phelps article from, Protip, only amateurs click the first link.

6. In the 2nd grade, I was already quite a writer. I was sent down to the vice principal’s office for having stellar word choice to describe ice cream and toppings.


Side note: This will always be my favorite meme, it will always be funny to me oops!

7. I shut down the school store in the 3rd grade for stealing a girl’s smelly bookmarks (Smelly as in I could eat the bookmarks, not smelly sock smelly) and selling them for like $20. I actually made cash, I’m flabbergasted.

That’s all I can think of for now, can guarantee there is more. IM SUCH AN INSTIGATER.

Also, this is me trying to make you smile.

L8r dudes!




can y’all see the vision


Everyone around me is stressed and I can’t take it. I wanna throw a dog bone with a message on it at everyone’s head so that they can finally see the answer to all things I vision.

My friends are stressed about the future. The future as for what they’ll see, what they’ll do, of who they will be come, themselves. I get the stress, for a little bit. Sometimes I get worried too, I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s working out. We’re so fixated on this “future” and it’s not even here yet. I understand precaution, but sometimes, all the time, the universe has a funny way of working out for itself.

I feel like this generation is so pressured to have all their stuff together that it sucks the fun out of everything. I’m a teenager. Most of you are teenagers. You’re not supposed to have your life together. Never. Never, ever, will you ever have your life completely right. Learn to just take it as it is.

Also, be yourself. Never ever ever be someone you’re not. Say anything you want to say. Do whatever you want to do. Believe it or not, life is just a projection. In this way, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Literally. I can, right now, sneak off to the ToysRUs and rip off the heads of every teddy bear in there. You can too. But you won’t. I don’t want to though, you probably don’t either. Once you realize how much power you have, it kind of stings that you have been roaming around this world never ceasing opportunities because, the only thing in your way, unfortunately, is yourself. Maybe this is why I have no problem making a fool out of myself, dancing, laughing all the time while being careless for it. I can do this! You can do that!

I promote everyone, within the next few days to do something we think we would never be able to do. Maybe, you steal a grape from the grocery store. Also, be careful if you do end up in that situation and don’t make it a habit. I’m going to go choose courses for a version of myself that doesn’t exist yet! bYe!

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L8r Dudes!