She doesn’t even wear cardigans!


She went from trying to pursue a non materialistic lifestyle to spending $60 on a cardigan.

As I get older and the weather continues to get warmer I find myself in the situation of wanting money to buy things. Yeah, my parents are usually willing to cooperate buying some trinkets for me but I was never the person to ask for stuff. I tend to make my own money now (something I’ll get to later) but saving it is rough.

Spring break is coming and I think it would be naive of me to think I could go the entire time having fun without using $20. Maybe I’ve become so used to depending on income to determine how much fun I have. Fun isn’t free.


I have like $40. That’s it. Now, I can do all sorts of stuff, or I can essentially save it and build a surplus of cash. I need a new makeup brush set. I need to try out new makeup. I need to buy more of the same face cleaning products. I want to buy some more clothes. I want to have that cash for when I go out to the movies, malls, parties, or simple things like a 7/11 run. Ugh! With all that, I can try to save but I don’t want to be the person that can’t go somewhere because I am trying to save money.

I go to thrift stores weekly which probably is why I’m having this dilemma. My style is constantly shifting but remains in the same theme. I started selling clothes which kind of hurts. I have this tendency to buy things and wear it once or twice ONLY. So I sold this windbreaker to a friend for 10 bucks which made me feel like I was making progress of my problem but it felt weird for her to give me money. This was days ago and it’s still sitting in my bag like I’m going to give it back to her. A solution I came up with was to sell my clothes on depop so I wouldn’t have to worry much.