I got my phone taken away! Yippee Kai Yay! It’s actually been nearly a week and I miss it. I’m not going to lie, but not for the reasons that most people miss phones for. I was never really attached to it to begin with but it sucks. For starters, I can’t really tell you why I got it taken away because I wasn’t paying attention. Something about responsibility, but after the lecture I awkwardly danced my way to the kitchen and started picking up dishes.


For one, I lost my streaks. That’s okay. I didn’t need them. However I somehow managed to keep one 3 days after I got it taken away which is to me, a sign from the universe that me and this dude are going to be friends for a WHILE. I don’t miss Instagram, it kind of sucks though. I was trying to post more often and build a theme like my tumblr¬†(SELF PROMO IM SORRY HAHAHA), like me. I DO miss my spam account, ugh!! UGH!

90% of my friends are McMahon students whom I’ve met through parties, class, other people, and just meeting them. 20% of these people are those I see on a daily basis or have class with. My social life is crumbling. I feel like a hermit. I need contact with those beyond real life. I need more. But, I’m dealing with it. I actually made a notebook for thoughts I wish I could send. A social person like myself isn’t cut out for this, not talking to people. Especially when I think of things to say on the spot.

Here’s the thing : I miss my music. HOMaGod. I miss my music. Yes, I’m using my Mac to type this up while jamming out. No, it’s not the same. I wouldn’t like to carry this thing around school on my lap JUST for music either. Look, music means the world to me. That seems kind of weird for me to say. This sounds extreme, but I use around $40 bucks a month on special music offers, Apple Music, Soundcloud Go, you name it. I call it : Investment. I make business through my music in a way. If people want recommendations, I give it to them. You got an aux cord? MY PLEASURE. I’ve actually started to imagine certain parts of songs in my sleep and since I can’t remember with such a huge music library, I have to scroll through 500+ songs JUST to find the song so it will stop bugging me. This morning? Turns out it was from Childish Gambino’s “Baby Boy”. It was driving me nuts.

The other day my mom gave me her phone out of pity (The phone is an issue my dad has, my dad is a whole other blog post to explain). I went straight to Apple Music, the library filled with Christian gospels. I went to the search bar and !!!!!! She doesn’t have apple music! That was the music she BOUGHT. So I jolly hopped to Safari and typed Soundcloud to log in. I thought I was at the gates of paradise. I TASTED the music notes lingering my ears/mouth/everything. I was in the dark, this was like 1AM. I whipped my headphone out, thinking I took the W. This is making me cry wow. I went in to plug the headphones, I forgot. She has the iphone7. THERE IS NO AUDIO JACK. I actually had to cup my hands over my mouth and I silent cried.


Yesterday, there’s this junior on the bus. He was playing something by the title of “Coffee”. Never heard of it. However, he was in the front of the bus when I sit in the back. Looking back, it was embarrassing squinting my eyes super hard just to see that song title, it satisfied me in the end though, good groove.

I’m mopey about this, gang. I want my tunes, as soon as possible. But somehow I’m not that bummed out, you know? I feel productive. I’ve begun to pay a lot more attention to my blog, the things I want to type to my friends, my thoughts, I’m writing them out. I changed my blog look, I dig it very much. I’ve paid more attention to my Tumblr too, more or less the same with my phone. I prefer computer version. This is kind of exciting, me without a phone. I’m focusing on projects I’ve wanted to complete. On the toilet, three minutes ago, I made a rhythm over my pee sound and I thought of making a time capsule. I’m EXCITED for it. We should all make time capsules. Even better: Let’s bury them together, reader !!!!

What will happen? Will she cut her hair finally? What if she shaves it all :0? What is she gonna do with wannabe? Will she at last repaint her room by herself? Will she get that new clothes drawer?  Will her social life meet doom? What about her daily ritual of listening to Drake? Will she really make 30 days without foundation? Stay tuned.


L8r Dudes didn’t feel quite satisfying for my last post, whoops!

Also, I’m so active on this blog out of no where it’s kind of annoying sorry!